segunda-feira, novembro 13, 2006

Literatura (quando) comparada

"I wish I knew that woman's name,
So, when she comes this way,
To hold my life, and hold my ears,
For fear I hear her say

She's 'sorry I am dead,' again,
Just when the grave and I
Have sobbed ourselves almost to sleep, -
Our only lullaby."

Emily Dickinson, I Wish I Knew That Woman's Name

"And, Emily - I saw you last night by the river
I dreamed you were skipping little stones across the surface of the water
Frowning at the angle where they were lost, and slipped under forever,
In a mud-cloud, mica-spangled, like the sky'd been breathing on a mirror

Anyhow - I sat by your side, by the water
You taught me the names of the stars overhead that I wrote down in my ledger
Though all I knew of the rote universe were those pleiades loosed in december

I promised you I‘d set them to verse so I'd always remember"

Joanna Newsom, Emily

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